30 March 2018

Due to some technical problem with my Notebook and Wi-fi system and consequent mishandling of the problem by incompetent technicians I could not use blogger for several weeks. Thanks to the most recent technician for having fixed my problem. I'll continue writing as before, whenever I find time. Thanks.

20 December 2017

As we all know, today we live in a world of increasing crimes. India is no exception.

This morning there was a news item about a school management in Kerala suspending a boy and girl for hugging each other. The parents have gone to court. Interestingly, the TV Channel (Times Now) brought an important question as to whether schools are moral guardians. The answer would be a definite "Yes".

I don't think that any k-12 School can be considered to impart education without giving importance to moral values.

Schools should be allowed to administer non- harsh punishment to students if they deviate from discipline. But before administering punishment the school ought to communicate moral values to children just like how affectionate parents would do.  (This is particularly essential today when grand parents are neglected and parents view monetary gains to be more important than disciplining their children).

Most of our schools teach how to make a living but not how to live.

05 December 2017

India and the global movie fans will remember veteran actor Sashi Kapoor, who passed away yesterday, for years to come.
Today is an auspicious day in the Hindu calender.  This is the birth anniversary of Dattatreya, trinity avataar of Brahma, Maha Vishnu and Shiva. Following picture shows the vigrahaa of the Trinity and Shree Ganapathi Satchitananda Swamiji, a very well known devotee of Dattatreya at the Datta Peetam that he runs at Mysore (India).

30 November 2017

A few weeks back I had applied for the renewal of my passport. A few days back, on the day fixed for appointment, it took not more than an hour or so at the passport Seva Kendra to get the formalities completed. Within a few days I received my passport.  Thanks to mobile technology and administration of offices such as Passport Seva Kendra.  Mr Narendra Modi and his team deserve applause.

Gita Jayanti

Today is a very auspicious day in the Hindu calender.  According to Scriptures, this is the on which Shree Krishnaa  (avataar of Shree Mahaa Vishnu) communicated His Baghavat Gita (meaning 'Divine Song of His Almighty) to Arjuna at Kurukshetraa nearly 5000 years back.

03 November 2017

Day before yesterday was a very auspicious day for Vaishnavites.  This day is known as 'Uththaana Dwaadashi'. This day is important in many aspects. One of them is the Divine Wedding between Kaarthika Daamodaraa (Manifestation of Shree Hari in this Kaarthika month) and Tulasi Devi (Holy Basil plant manifestation of Shree Mahaa Lakshmi). Devotees, particularly home makers, worship Tulasi Daamodaraaa in the evening on this day.

I fondly remember my beloved mother who used to perform daily Tulasi Pooja almost regularly and special Poojaas on important days such as day before yesterday.

Let me share a photograph of one such pooja performed by my beloved mother. I and my sister are in the photograph. My beloved father had taken the photo.

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