17 August 2017

Elvis Priestly

Yesterday was the death anniversary of Elvis Priestley, one of the most popular rock and roll singers on the 50s and 60s. He will be remembered for his songs like 'Heartbreak Hotel' by rock music fans.

16 August 2017

Cellulose fibre or safe technology?

According to a news report in this morning's edition of 'THE HINDU', researchers at Kyoto University are working on cellulose nanofibres as a viable alternative to steel in automobiles as these are five times stronger and weigh only one fifth of steel. In countries like India where most people don't use seatbelts, light weight cars can be dangerous. Moreover I am not sure as to whether such vehicles would be apt, considering our local road conditions with generally erratic and speedy driving.

(Any middle school physics student would be able to visualise the impact of light weight vehicles on passengers without their seatbelts on, as my students had been able to, after doing simple experiments with toy cars, dolls and rubber bands in my Physics classrooms years back).

15 August 2017

Indian Independence Day

Today is the 70th independence day of our country. Well though it is a happy occasion, whatever successive governments have accomplished toward national development is very little compared to what they could have achieved in reality. I wish that our politicians and government officials work honestly so that the living standards of all Indians are good. It is high time that evil politicians and their second fiddling government officials are replaced by good ones.

Shree Krishna Janmaashtami

Yesterday was an auspicious day for Hindus all over the world. It was celebrated as 'Krishna Janmaashtami'. His Almighty Shree Mahaa Vishnu took avataar as Shree Krishnaa on this day, nearly 5000 years back.

12 August 2017

Courts in contrast

This morning I read a newspaper report that all the 7 persons accused in a fire accident that burnt several children in a school in Tamilnadu got released consequent to a court order. I think that the judge who pronounced the order should himself/herself be severely punished by court of law. By the way, in addition to the school correspondent/owner, officers attached to the State Board (who overlooked violations and granted recognition to run the school despite lack of even basic safety) should have also been punished severely.

The same paper also carried a news item mentioning a petition to release 2 life imprisonment convicts involved in Rajiv Gandhi murder case and consequent rejection of the petition by the judge.  I think that this judge deserves praise.

At least now, 70 years since independence, wrong people should be replaced by honest and dedicated professionals like Mr Nagaraj (Former Deputy Secretary, CBSE Souther India Region), Mrs Latha (Former Chief Education Officer, Chennai) and Mr Dasarathi (Former District Magistrate, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh) in politics and all areas of development, particularly in law and order,

09 August 2017

Glenn Campbell

Country and Western music has lost one of its popular performers in the death of guitarist singer Glenn Campbell. His songs such as 'Rhinestone Cowboy' with simple lyrics and nice music will be remembered by Country and Western music fans for years to come.
Today is the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Naga saki in the 1940s. Yesterday was of Hiroshima. Despite the nasty effects of perverted use of Science and Technology, nuclear and atomic energy seems to be continually abused at global level despite international efforts.

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