17 February 2017

A few days back in a Hindu  religious discourse, while narrating the story of Sudhaamaa, a boyhood friend of Lord Krishna, Gaurav Krishna Goswamiji Maharaaj mentioned that Porbandar (the birth place of Mahaatma Gandhiji) was where Sudhaama lived during Dwaapara Yuga and that the town used to be known as Sudhaama Nagar then. (A very interesting piece of information that I heard for the first time).   

15 February 2017

In my yesterday’s post I mentioned about my police complaint against a fraudulent company. Such companies exist and flourish by cheating in developed countries as well. In every community there are good people as well as bad people. We get into problem when we trust a person or Company based on what the person or Company `looks’ like. When we experience the reality, it is often too late. Let me describe my experience so that those who read my blogs wouldn’t make the mistakes that I committed in trusting a wrong person or Company.

In early 90’s, I desired to migrate to Australia or New Zealand as I had my professional qualifications and experience recognized by New South Wales Department of School Education and New Zealand Teacher Registration Board. As it wouldn’t be easy to get a job without face to face interview (during those pre Skype and Internet days) I wanted to attend interviews and applied for visitor’s visa for New Zealand stating the reason “To visit places of tourist interest and if possible to attend job interviews if I am legally permitted”. Within a few weeks, New Zealand Immigration Department sent the Application Form for Permanent Residence instead of the one for Tourist Visa stating that the former was more appropriate for me probably because I was holding the Practising Certificate issued by the New Zealand Teacher Registration Board. As I was about to apply, one of my friends suggested me to apply through a Migration Consultancy Firm so that things could move fast. I too thought so and contacted the Chennai office of an Australia based Migration Consultancy Firm known as Todd International. As teachers’ salary in Australia was better, I preferred Australia. I paid a fee of US$ 3000 and submitted copies of all required documents for processing my application. Every time I approached the Company to know the status of my application, the reply was some thing like “Please wait, it is being processed by the Immigration Department and you would get the visa soon”. I never got the document for which I applied. By the time, I tried to sue the Company, the Company itself vanished. US$ 3000 was not a small amount in the `90s. By the time I realised that Todd International was a fraudulent Australian Company with branches in many countries including India and that I should have applied through the Australian Government’s Immigration Department directly instead of relying on Private Migration `Consultants’, it was too late.


14 February 2017

In my post dated 30 November, I had mentioned about how an Education Assessment Company cheated me by not paying my salary and about my complaints to the Police Department at Delhi and Chennai. As there was no response to my complaints, I wrote an email to Police Headquarters in Chennai on 22 December. As there was no response I sent an email to the Office of the Director General of Police, Chennai on 8 February. On the same day, there was a response providing a link to a Police Department webpage wherein I could lodge my complaint online. I have replied that I had done so (lodging my complaint online) on 14 December 2015 itself; I have attached the screenshot of my complaint with my email. 

In spite of several complaints, the offender continues to be free and well of, probably cheating numerous people like me day after day.  

05 February 2017

Madhwa navami

Today is celebrated as Madhwa navami by a community of people who follow Dwaitaa school of Hinduism. 

30 January 2017

Today is the death anniversary of  Gandhiji.  

28 January 2017

Purandara Daasa

Yesterday was an auspicious day for Vishnu devotees who follow Dwaitaa School of Hindu Philosophy. It was the aaraadhanaa day of Saint Purandara Daasa.

26 January 2017

Past Monday and today were historically important dates to Indians. These two days were celebrated as birth anniversary of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and 68th anniversary of Republic Day..

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